Reduce emissions with a flexible control system for multiple power sources

Specialist systems and components that bring the benefits of hybrid technology to ship owners and operators. ComAp follows the latest trends in the maritime industry and brings new technologies and solutions to the market ranging from marine hybrid applications, data logging solutions, bi-fuel and hydrogen, data analysis, and more.

How it works

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We provide a data logging solution using data collected from our engine or generator controllers or third-party devices. This solution helps to inform the crew about how their actions impact fuel consumption, allows for deeper trend analysis using artificial intelligence software, and can provide visualisation of the data inputs from the engine or generator controllers.

The solution is beneficial for fleet owners or vessel operators as it enables them to compare the activities between vessels and crews and use the data to optimise operations and costs

Configure your diesel engine to run on gas and/or hydrogen with one of the most advanced technologies on the market.

ComAp’s solution will help you accelerate your energy transition journey, and run your fleet more efficiently and ecologically. The solution can be used to upgrade any existing diesel engine as well as for new engine builds using precise hydrogen or gas injection control.  

Use the data we collect from the data logging system and provide it to third-party software companies specialised in AI to provide in-depth trend analysis and further enhancements to the vessel owners and/or operators. This will help them optimise operations and improve vessel efficiency.  

ComAp’s DC Power Management System provides fully automatic operation of the battery energy storage system including load-dependent start/stop, power band control, running hours equalisation, automatic synchronisation, and load-sharing through conversion devices such as rectifiers, inverters, and DC/DC converters. The DC PMS offers a reliable, continuous, and effective solution for power generation which can be also used for shaft generators, fuel cells, and other DC energy sources.  

Our solution can be used for automatic synchronisation of the ship's energy sources and shore connection while docking in the port or any bus tie breaker control, protection, and synchronisation.

ComAp offers reliable control and protection solutions for engine, gearbox, and throttle control, together with a bridge visualization system with multiple remote displays and SCADA.

The system can improve engine performance and reduce fuel consumption based on vessel speed, engine speed and load, prevailing weather conditions, and route optimisation.

Key features

DC Power management system

  • Load sharing between energy sources
  • Automatic start/stop of energy sources
  • Heavy consumer management
  • Advanced monitoring control and protection 


  • Smooth and fully automatic transition between diesel and bi-fuel operation
  • Significant engine emissions reductions
  • NOx, PM, SOx, CO2
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Diesel consumption reduced by up to 70% 

Data logging

  • Awareness to the crew, real-time feedback, and trend analysis using AI
  • Ability to connect to ComAp or third-party products
  • Compact and versatile solution 

Speed optimisation

  • Simple solution for fuel reduction using ComAp controller logic
  • Vessel speed limitation according to the most efficient fuel consumption levels, can be overridden as required
  • Possibility to use the solution together with route optimisation software


ComAp has obtained IACS certificates from the larger certification societies around the world, thus ensuring compliance of your vessel to the IACS standard and a true mark of quality.

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