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Reliable Power to Datacentres with ComAp

The 21st century society is driven by information. Just about any industry you can think of involves data in some way, retail, medicine, manufacturing, finance, defence, and more all rely on the transfer of information to function. Fast and reliable access to information needs to be manageable from any device time and location in order to keep these industries running. And the importance of access to information is rapidly growing year by year.

All this information needs to be stored and accessed as data. Where is this data being stored? Where are the applications that use this data being stored? Where is the ‘cloud’? Where is Netflix?

The answer is in a datacentre. Datacentres are located throughout the world and can consist of a couple of servers in a back office, right up to thousands of racks of servers in a server farm, (the biggest datacentre in the world covers almost 930,000 square metres!).

All this requires an immense amount of energy to keep operational. Powering datacentres took up around 3% of the worlds’ total energy output, (around 416 terawatts). This power needs to be efficient, environmentally friendly, and most important of all: reliable.

Secure your energy

It’s not just the servers themselves in the datacentres that need power, but also lighting, security, and cooling, which all must be running to keep the information available. As the reliability of any power source is not 100% guaranteed, it is important that datacentres have a fast and reliable source of backup power, should their main supply become unstable, or unavailable.

ComAp has many years of experience in backup power generation control for both captive and colocation datacentres. ComAp has range of products suitable for use in datacentres of any size, and of any Tier rating, (from 1 to 4) and redundancy requirements. ComAp’s InteliATS, InteliGen, InteliSys ranges of controllers are the perfect choice for a backup power system. ComAp’s controllers can manage the diesel generators, the battery farms (UPS) and any renewable source to ensure the most energy efficient power is used, but also that the system is used in such a way to minimize maintenance times, (downtime is a major factor in Tier 4 applications).

ComAp’s products are intuitive, flexible, and important for datacentres, scalable. If the datacentre wants to add more servers, it needs more power, and with ComAp, it’s easy to just add another backup generator and ComAp controller to the overall control system. Up to 992 gensets/controllers.

Monitoring and Support Wherever You Are

The WebSupervisor online monitoring program allows a customer to monitor their entire power generation solution online using any internet browser, or via a smartphone using our WebSupervisor app for Android or iOS. Security is of upmost concern to datacentres. It’s possible to using WebSupervisor On Premises version, that means to have WebSupervisor installed inside the datacentre on a server, and still monitored and managed remotely, but also securely, providing more peace of mind to critical information.

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