Flexible solutions for every rental company

All companies in the power generation rental market, regardless of their size and scope, have one thing in common: everyone strives to continuously improve the quality and variety of services provided to customers. Relying on our extensive expertise in the industry, we have developed innovative and flexible solutions with tailor-made features for the rental market that can help you to continue to grow and deliver excellence to your customers.

Reliable and intuitive solutions for effective operations

ComAp's solutions offer

Remote Monitoring and Fleet Management

Monitor, manage and maintain your rental equipment online with WebSupervisor, decreasing operational costs and increasing operational effectiveness

Application Flexibility

Adapt quickly to your customer’s changing power use needs and applications with our flexible solutions

Clean Energy Solutions

Reduce your fuel consumption and environmental impact by incorporating renewable energy sources in your power generation system

Application example

We provide solutions for a variety of rental control purposes. From control solution for independent power production for global events, construction projects or control and hybrid microgrids for remote locations.

We can help you with solutions using alternative energy sources like gas, hydrogen or solar panels. Each of our control panels can come with a remote monitoring solution that will enable you to effectively monitor the operations of your entire rental equipment fleet. 

Key features

Remote monitoring

  • Remote monitoring & control
  • Websupervisor, cloud-based online monitoring tool
  • GPS tracking - Geofencing

Fleet management

  • API connectivity
  • Automatised reports
  • Extensive history log
  • Alarm analyser
  • Events scheduler  


  • Application for single or multiple gen-sets in parallel
  • Power management features
  • Droop
  • PLC capabilities
  • Alternative configuration
  • Force values
  • Communication & extension modules 

Easy maintenance

  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Remote controller configuration
  • Email, SMS and app alarm notifications
  • Easy unit replacement 


  • Multifactor authentication for WebSupervisor
  • Password protection
  • Secured cloud and on-prem solution

Global support

  • 24/5 global technical support
  • Strong local support from ComAp’s subsidiaries and distributors in 179 countries  

What our customers say

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