Case Study

Hybrid Microgrid Solution for a Community Development Project in Egypt

6 Jun 2024

5 min read

ComAp, together with our partner, United for Electromechanical Supplies, provided a Hybrid Microgrid solution for a community development project in New Cairo, Egypt, to upgrade the community's power supply system through the implementation of renewable energy, reducing its dependency on diesel. This project was run by the Better Home Group, an Egyptian real estate investment and development group that specialises in developing sustainable, world-class communities.

As a company that takes pride in developing modern and sustainable residential areas, Better Home wanted to ensure that their final build would have a low environmental impact. As such, they knew it would be necessary to take the appropriate steps to implement a sustainable source of energy to reduce the community’s diesel consumption.    

Better Home decided to upgrade their power supply system by installing 500 KVA photovoltaics with four Huawei KTL inverters. This system would be connected to both a standby 550 KVA gen-set powered by a Cummins electronic engine and the main grid transformer in the future, combining the use of renewable solar energy with a traditional gen-set.

To achieve this, United for Electromechanical Supplies, with the support of ComAp, implemented a hybrid control panel operated by ComAp’s InteliGen 500 Microgrid controller alongside the InteliFieldbus Gateway. This facilitates the connection between the different sources of energy and ensures that the variable energy demand is met.  

The InteliGen 500 Microgrid monitors and controls all available power sources to meet the load demand. ComAp’s control panel communicates with the four inverters via Modbus protocol. This facilitates control over inverter performance, allowing for the ramp-up/ramp-down of both active and reactive power based on given conditions. To enable remote monitoring capabilities, each unit is registered with ComAp’s WebSupervisor fleet management platform, allowing for easy remote access on devices via the WebSupervisor app. Additionally, the control panel can be accessed via the local network or internet using a customised InteliSCADA software.    

“United for Electromechanical Supplies designed and implemented the plant control system, ensuring the highest level of efficiency and reliability. Moreover, their technical support was very quick and efficient.”


Products used in this project

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