InteliGen 1000 SC

Order code: IG31000SCBB

The InteliGen 1000 SC is a state-of-the-art paralleling controller for synchronising as well as load/var control. This controller is intended for applications where system control is driven either from panel switches or from an upper- level device such as a system PLC. In addition, this controller can communicate with an engine ECU to read engine specific values and providing generator protections if required. The Inteligen 1000 SC is simple to configure and operate which will reduce engineering and commissioning times.
  • Controlled by binary signals or Modbus RTU/TCP communication
  • Cooperation with up to 64 additional gen-sets/mains/tie controllers
  • Cybersecurity by design
  • CAN bus redundancy
  • Modbus Client controlling 3rd party devices
  • Built-in PLC interpreter
  • Custom alarms and protections
  • Built-in optional protections (active or passive)  
    InteliGen 1000 SC
The InteliGen 1000 SC stands for synchronising controller, which is controlled using binary signals to synchronise and control the load. Usually, there is an upper-level PLC sending the binary signals. The InteliGen 1000 SC does not command the ECU, only reads the communication. It is intended for retrofits or applications with PLC.  

The InteliGen 1000 SC offers: 

  • Keeping your business and data as safe as possible, meeting the ISA 62443 level 2 - level 3 security requirements
  • CAN bus redundancy ensuring that a redundant CAN line be created and take over in case of CAN failure*
  • Modbus Client which can initiate Modbus communication and control 3rd party devices* 
  • Large built-in PLC interpreter with the use of ComAp's free PLC Editor 
  • Built-in CAN bus logger and event-based history for easy and fast troubleshooting
  • New CAN FD inter-controller communication standard enabling cooperation with up to 64 additional gen-sets/mains/tie controllers
  • Hot-swap redundancy enabling a redundant unit to take over in case the primary controller fails, helping to minimise solution downtime* 
  • User-defined protections and setpoints on top of default protection
  • AirGateComAp’s controllers incorporate AirGate connection technology to make access to the internet as simple as possible. AirGate enables our controllers to connect to the internet using the existing network infrastructure, negotiating firewalls and VPN systems and removing the requirement for static and public IP addresses. 2.0 for easy connection to your equipment remotely, without worrying about your asset’s IP address
  • Remote control and monitoring of your gen-set operations with WebSupervisor, our cloud-based fleet management tool
  • Secure user management
  • A range of SCADA displays with automatically generated content that can be easily edited in our software tool InteliSCADA
  • Communication options: 3x Ethernet (Modbus TCP, SNMP), 1x RS-485 (Modbus RTU), intercontroller CAN-BUS
  • Reading data from ECU
  • DIN rail/door mounting possibility
  • More precise measuring with a True Root Mean Square measurement feature
  • Free configuration tool InteliConfig for easy and fast commissioning 

* Features available with a software key. 

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