InteliNeo 6000 and 5500 Support Any Gen-set Controls

In support of our vision to continue making microgrids more accessible and increase the deployment of distributed energy resources, we are announcing a new feature to our microgrid controllers InteliNeo 6000 and 5500 – Universal Gen-set Support.  

With this feature, customers can install renewable energy sources like PV and BESS, controlled by InteliNeo controls, and keep their existing gen-set control systems that can communicate and be supervised by InteliNeo seamlessly.

"With Universal Gen-set Support, customers can optimize the use of PV & BESS to reduce fuel consumption and peak demands without replacing the existing genset controllers. This provides customers with flexible and scalable options when designing their microgrid," says Wendy Truong, Product Manager for InteliNeo at ComAp.

Microgrid Scheme with a 3rd party Gen-set Support

The new feature is available in the firmware versions 1.5 and 1.2 for InteliNeo 6000 and 5500, respectively.  

For more details about InteliNeo controls, please visit InteliNeo product pages at:
InteliNeo 6000

InteliNeo 5500

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