ComAp announces the new InteliNeo 530 BESS: Secure and Reliable Control of BESS

ComAp announces the new InteliNeo 530 BESS controller, an addition to ComAp´s InteliNeo controller family. Designed to respond to the needs of BESS packagers, it enables direct integration of the Battery Management System (BMS) with the Power Conversion System (PCS) within a BESS, as well as control, monitoring and protection of the auxiliary systems, including HVAC, fire detection and suppression, ingress detection, and E-Stop.

“With the emergence of microgrids that led to unprecedented levels of investment, we can now observe a great rollout of energy storage systems globally. At some point, we will consider a BESS as the new gen-set that is now becoming an essential part of microgrid systems, enabling their full potential to store the excess or lower-cost energy, and dispatch it when needed, saving on costs, lowering emissions and noise pollution. That´s why we are bringing a new dedicated solution for BESS that will be easily integrated with the leading microgrid controller,” says Tristen Place, Senior Product Manager at ComAp.

A secure and reliable solution

Security is a top priority for all ComAp controllers. With its cyber security and encryption protection, InteliNeo 530 BESS will prevent any unauthorised access to the controller and keep customers' data safe. ComAp is recognised for high-quality systems, developed for more than three decades in Europe, InteliNeo 530 BESS will bring reliable integration of BMS and PCS systems, as well as a safe communication interface with the outside world via AirGate 2.0.

Familiar user interface with preconfigured functions

Among the core preconfigured functions of InteliNeo 530 BESS that will save costs, reduce noise, and lower emissions are peak shaving, energy shifting, silent operation, and load sharing between BESSs.InteliNeo 530 BESS is built on ComAp´s well-known and globally used platforms, similar to InteliNeo 5500 or InteliGen 500 G2, so the controller setup should be fast and easy for customers who already have experience with our controllers, InteliConfig configuration software, or WebSupervisor, our remote monitoring cloud-based service.

InteliNeo 530 BESS is set to work in both on-grid or off-grid systems, or a combination thereof, with major use in commercial and industrial sites, remote communities, or rental businesses.

More information is available at the InteliNeo 530 BESS product page.

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